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The media law office of Tanja S. Kaus practicing since more than 10 years in the field of intellectual property and media law as well as trademark law and competition law basically represents clients of the film and TV market.

• All about your contract !

We are pleased to support you with regard to the creation and negotiation of various contracts, e.g. licence and distribution contracts; film production contracts; channel carriage agreements; video-on-demand contracts; merchandising contracts; contracts regarding the rights of authors, directors and actors; TV format contracts. Upon request, we provide you with drafts of standard contracts, i.e. general terms, subject to mandatory law and the current jurisprudence, bearing in mind, however, the individual concerns of the client. Of course, we are pleased to represent you towards international contract partners as well. We are able to negotiate fluently in English and French.

• All about your trademark !

Would you like to create a new corporate identity? If so, we are pleased to advise you on all kind of issues regarding company names, brands and trademarks. We take care of all necessary business related hereto such as professional research, application of trademarks and domains on a national basis (DPMA, DENIC eG) and international basis (WIPO, OHIM, ICANN), surveillance and defence (e.g. opposition procedures). Since you can rely on our long lasting experience in trademark law you may expect a reliable estimation of the chances of success of the concerned trademark matter. Sometimes, and very often due to financial reasons, we endeavour to settle the matter in an amicable way. However, if this is not requisite or if the client does not wish any settlement we continue with the proceedings and if necessary, we will take all legally possible measures and legal actions against the adversary.

• And a lot more !

Are you a rights owner claiming infringements of copyrights, exploitation rights or any other rights? Do you want to take action against a competitor, e.g. due to unfair competition/advertising? Usually, we take action against such infringer or competitor on behalf of the client by sending a warning letter including the request to sign a declaration of omission and commitment providing the payment of a penalty.

Do you claim the unlawful reporting of your company or your product or the services offered by your company? We will assist you, e.g. by requesting the press institution to release a counterstatement.

Do you intend to launch a new TV channel or Web TV channel or to create and distribute Apps? Or do you intend to operate an audio-visual content platform? We will support your project by assisting you in all kind of legal issues, such as the acquisition of a broadcasting license or the acquisition of audio-visual content, or negotiating with the relevant collecting societies.

If you sue someone or get sued by somebody, we will represent your interests at all competent court districts or superior court districts in Germany. And a lot more …

We are looking forward to welcoming you !

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